About SitePact

We Design We Market We Maintain

We want to be your long-term support partner, providing Website Design and Development, WordPress Website Maintenence and Search Engine Optimization. By providing all the technical skills to create a maintain a great web presence we want to help ensure the success of your business.

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WordPress Maintenence

Its hard to find long term WordPress Developers who also maintain websites long term. Usually, this service is provided through an agency and with not much transparency. With us, its different. By keeping you updated with weekly reports and providing on demand support you always know for a fact that your website is in the best shape.


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Website Design & Development

By providing expert WordPress Web Design and Development Services, we create suitable online presence for businesses, agencies or just about anyone who needs a website. We are not your regular build and leave company, we are here for the long haul. That means Maintenence and SEO to keep your website in great shape


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On-Page SEO

Optimizing a website for the search engines can save you years of work and money. SEO has one of the best ROIs in advertising so the investment is worth it to build credibiltity and customer insight. By utiling some of the best wordpress plugins and SEO practices SitePact can help you to rank against the competition and defend your web space.

Our Mission

By providing WordPress Maintenance plans and Development Services, it is our aim to help website owners and businesses build and maintain their online presence. While we are at it, we will make an active effort to support the WordPress community and see its internet share flourish.

Who We Are

We are the extension of our client’s team that handles the Website Development and Maintenence. Yes, we do the job that benefits a business by building its online reputation and keeping a good game with the competition. We extend the same pact to all our clients

Why Work With Us

At SitePact we pride ourselves in delivering Personalized Web Design and Maintenance Services, that Empower our clients and their businesses.

Ryon and his Team has been given the opportunity to work on and collaborate on countless projects. Through these experiences, they have gathered a wealth of knowledge that now governs they way they treat each client. We genuinely care about every project, no matter the size or the industry, we portray this by making sure we understand the specifics from the perspective of our clients. That way we are able to provide the best services and ultimately a better product.

Our Clients Say Nice Things

Let Us Make a Pact For a Better Website

Reach out to us, whether it is Website Design Services, Website Maintenence, SEO or Support. Express your Vision!